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There are no translations available.Ripensando se stessi per trovare il nuovo dove è sempre stato. Siamo in trentino dove a Mezzacorona esiste un rinnovamento...

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Investigation to find news about the wine in the heart of Italy and bet on ciliegiolo and  grechetto gentile wine grapes. We are in Narni for the R...

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There are no translations available. ...

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Sunset, sweet home
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Assaggi by Podcast

lab tramonti divini

The sunset the give colors to the summer to marvel the soul, precious appointment of great beauty. The summer is this or better is been until a istant ago. To consol wil describe the Tamonto Divino of Rimini: educational tour of food that among ten years show the excellence of Emilai Romagna region and not only.

Cavour square, Rimini, inviting smells and glaming glass that are wainting to be refilled. The evening in Rimini give a special occasion to become special guest. Assaggi Divini describe the tradition of food so tasty with wine by Rimini's hill (colli di Rimini) with people very kind thet want to try. Many glotton kind Fabio Tombari's version that want ridiscover the lost flavour. Enjoy the own service about the evening.


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