Les Cretes

There are no translations available.Due diversamente bianchi. Due medaglie della stessa faccia. Due vini bianchi che raccontano il vino rosso nellesue sfumature...

Cavalleria Aglianica

There are no translations available.Un ritorno ai vini irpini con il meglio dei vitigni che offre la regione in una zona vocata per il terrereno e per un clima...

Dall'Atra sponda

There are no translations available.Dall'aldilà del fiume Pò il Pinot nero dell'oltrepo pavese è un punto di riferimento. Dove il pinot nero è sempre esistito...

In punta di piedi

There are no translations available.Sicuramente tra i posti da scoprire in Italia questa estate potrebbero essere i luoghi di passaggio, che in genere si...

Wave o Barolo wine

Well come back to the Italian summer of wine and food. We are Piedmont a region rich about the tradition of food and wine like the Langhe area. In particolar...

  • Les Cretes

    Tuesday, 04 August 2020 00:00
  • Cavalleria Aglianica

    Tuesday, 28 July 2020 00:00
  • Dall'Atra sponda

    Thursday, 09 July 2020 00:00
  • In punta di piedi

    Thursday, 25 June 2020 00:00
  • Wave o Barolo wine

    Wednesday, 17 June 2020 00:00
Blink of an eye
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lab colpi di ciglia

Assaggi Divini is preparing for the new edition of thet will start in the mid of November with new guests and frinds that are part of family and with wine of course. Blink of an eye like the fly of butterfly Davide Fantini, friend of Assaggi Divini, give a look the in Franciacorta area with La Fiorita that has a good value.


Existe the coincidences

A of this has brought the knoledege of Stefano Bono in a hotel in Milano Marittima where he had enjoed the him holiday and to be sure to have good wine brought the his. He make wine since 1973 but the first wine was the 2003. Two vineyard of chardonnay and pinot noir, make 80-85 k bottles.


The Bono's family create the new cellar since 2010, but is still work in progress. All the wine are blanc de blanc, that use the pinot noir to give personality in the wine.

The wine grape of every part of vineyard is stored in a pool separeted. 

He make the Brut, Satén, Zero pas dosè. The most important line for the cellar is “Eurosia” dedicated to his mother.




1) Franciacorta Satèn_La Fiorita

Yello straw eith fine line of bubbles.

The smell remember the exotic fruiti (tipical of Chardonnay), and green straw.

There is a note of wood and Stefano told me that the 5/10% of chardonnay come from barrel of past years.

The taste is soft and round, some note of butter with 9 g/l of sugar.

It's balanced the freshness and and the body,


2) Franciacorta Brut_La Fiorita (chardonnay and pinot noir)

The color is more intens than Saten, and the smell is the same, plume's remember, dog-rose, crust of bread, geranium. The taste is dry with good body with excellent balancing. Average softness, enough long  with vegetable end. 8 g/l the sugar, 24 months on yeast.


3) Franciacorta Zero La Fiorita (chardonnay and pinot noir)

Soft yellow straw the color, with a smell of cut grass, crust of bread, white flower and exotic fruit yello apple and peach.

The taste a is mineral and dry but enjoable. The complesity is average that bring thid good for the aperative and also ideal to eat.


4) Franciacorta Extra Brut 2008 (chardonnay)

Yellow straw with gold reflex is been 36 months on the yeast. The smell is more complex with mineral note similar to riesling. The sensation of yeat of bread, shortcrust pastry, wood and butter.

The taste is full, with goood freshness and body. It's armonic, mature and good to drink agoin two years.


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