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Petals & Breaths
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lab petali e sospiri

The wind that coome from the sea, a traveller without boundary throught to plants, flowers and the cliff. Polish the ground and meet people. Assaggi Divini come back in Pantelleria's island to show the Shalai a sparkling wine charmat demi-sec  made with zibibbo grape by Vinisola. To speak about it Francesco Rizzo.


The Shalai by Vinisola has a yellow among golden glaming to lthe light given from the thind bubble of the wine and cover all the glass. The charmat style is been a choice to keep the aroma of muscat (zibbibo). The smell is rich of fruits and flowers like white peach, pear, abricote with white flower an oxidation note  with almond and hazelnuts  in the closing.



The taste of Shalai is sfotly sweet with good freshness for the sparkling. Good the finess and the sweet note give a good body. This wine is fine with panettoni colombe but also oyster, sushi and fraugru. The important is the temperature of service. A wine rare ofr the island that has a cost in wineshop around 30 US$.

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