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lab potazine

This year the Tuscany region has bring in the market thr news about the excellence. In the area of Montalcino town  are grown the Rosso of Montalcino with a good value. Special guest is Gigliola Giannetti for the Rosso and the Brunello of Montalcino by Tenuta Le Potazzine.

The hills of Tuscany in the area of area of Brunello give a experience of micro winery like Tenuta Le Potazine. The Colors of Rosso is deeply red while the Brunello is more trasparent and evoluted notes. The smells is more rich of sensation about red fruit as the Brunello is more elegant with a this sensation of dry flowers.


The taste of Rosso is the storytelling and the promise for the future of Brunello that give the leasure to pair with  summer but also winter food. A wine well balanced that can give satisfaction in a dinner no too complivate a for a royal lunch. The Brunello by Tenuta Le Potazzine vintage 2013 give elegant sensations  and long fruit that is possible to pair also with spicy food also curry. Price for the  Rosso di Montalcino that make a year of reserve around 29 US$ while 60 US$ for Brunello di Montalcino. 

We are on facebook, Youtube  Instagram with alias Assaggi Divini. We are on twitter with #AssaggiDivini. 

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