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There are no translations available.Ripensando se stessi per trovare il nuovo dove è sempre stato. Siamo in trentino dove a Mezzacorona esiste un rinnovamento...

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Investigation to find news about the wine in the heart of Italy and bet on ciliegiolo and  grechetto gentile wine grapes. We are in Narni for the R...

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Ràmici just ciliegiolo and Colle Ozio of grechetto wine grape are protagonist of storetelling about Umbria region that can make some different wine. Both are clean wine in particolare the Ràmici that is enogh trasparent. The Colle Ozio is strwa yellow. The smell very interesting has a sweet flower start like a style of wine maker. The Colle Ozio has exotic fruit peche and also somethimg that remember of riesling.



The taste very interesting for both in the Ràmici ciliegiolo is a surprise for the freshness with a good mineral note that fall in love also for the elegance. It's the wine surprese of a dinner with the friends. The Colle Ozio wine with a good balance and armonic  and let a sensation of evoluted riesing. For both the smoked meat and fish are very intersing. The cost for Ràmici ciliegiolo is around 25 US$ and Colle Ozio on 15 US$ good value. 

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